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If Someone Is Doing Business Under A Name That Is Similar To My Florida Registered Trademark, What Can I Do?

The first thing to do would be to send a cease and desist letter to let them know that they are infringing on your registered trademark. They must stop using the mark or risk legal action.

I Reorganized My Business. Can My New Business Renew The Same Registration?

If the owner of the trademark remains the same, then renewal should not be an issue. If the owner changed, if it became a new company in the reorganization, or if there was a merger, then there has to be an assignment filed in order for that new owner to renew the trademark.

What Is A Demand Letter?

A demand letter is a document that is sent on behalf of one party to another party to demand that the recipient takes a particular action or stops doing a particular act. The whole point of a demand letter is to resolve a dispute without having to go to court and expend fees for litigation.

What Are Some Examples Of When Demand Letters Are Used?

The situation where I see demand letters are most used is when money has been paid for services that were never performed by the person who was paid. Demand letters are also used in trademark infringement cases where you want to stop the use of an infringing mark. A cease and desist letter is considered a demand letter.

What Happens If Someone Does Not Respond To A Demand Letter?

If there is no response to the demand letter, then the sender can choose to proceed with filing a lawsuit against the other party.

What Are The Desired Outcomes On Both Sides Of The Legal Demand Letter?

The main goal of a demand letter is to resolve the matter without the need for filing a lawsuit.

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