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About Portalatin Law Firm

Portalatin Law Firm is a boutique law firm based in Miami FL that helps foreign and domestic business owners expand their companies across the United States and make money off their awesome brands.

What makes us so special? What we believe in – giving, balance, and authenticity.

Jessica C. Portalatin

Meet Business Attorney Jessica C. Portalatin

Instead of reading about me in third person, allow me to introduce myself — I’m Jessica, and I’m blessed to be the founder of Portalatin Law Firm. But more than that, I am a wife, mom, stepmom, daughter, sibling, businesswoman, and a woman of faith.

Full transparency… owning a business did not come easy to me. And at times, it still doesn’t.

There are so many moving parts that need to come together when you are running, a business that is not only successful, but one that you are proud of.

One where your team knows they have a valuable purpose. 

One where you work with the intention of blessing someone else, and where your clients feel comfortable reaching out to talk about personal things. (Because let’s be real… when you are a business owner, business IS personal.)

I know how much time running a business can take. And I know how little it can leave for family time, and me-time. My goal is to give that time back to my clients, so they can continue to being the heart and soul of their businesses. 

If you’ve made it this far down the page, thank you. I appreciate you being the kind of person who would take a moment to get to know me and understand what I am all about. I look forward to doing the same for you. 

Hobbies: Tennis, Salsa dancing, and Cooking.

Pets: None.

Love Language: Acts of Service

Pet Peeve: When someone spoils the end of a movie or show I have not watched.

Wished Superpower: Teleportation.

Bucket list item: Go to Egypt.

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Portalatin Law Firm

Business Lawyer Practice Areas


If you don’t have a federal trademark for your brand’s Name, logo, and catch phrases (like slogans or taglines), they are at risk. Copycats can steal your brand value, limit your growth, and even force you to rebrand or shut down. We help our clients obtain and defend their federal trademarks.

Demand Letters

When business disagreements get serious, you can often prevent having to sue someone with an official demand letter from our firm. We will clearly lay out what the other party did, what you are demanding they do to solve the problem, and what will happen if they don’t.


Business is built on agreements. Contracts make those agreements solid and ensures everyone understands what will happen if the agreements are not kept. We can you create the contracts you need to protect your business and review the contracts you are being asked to sign to make sure you are not agreeing to anything that is not in your best interest.

Foreign Investors

aving a corporate structure for your business not only protects you but makes your business easier to sell or bring on investors in the future. We can help you pick the right type of corporation entity for your business, draft all the necessary legal documents, and help you stay in compliance with the law, so you keep all the benefits.

Client Testimonials

  • LP Business Law partner and co-founder Jessica Portalatin, Esq. is amazing. I’ve been in the legal industry for over 15 years, and I can say that LP, Jessica and her partner are out of this world talents. They are educated, tough and honest. Not many honest people are left in this world and these girls are the epitome of excellence. Highly recommend their firm to anyone in need of amazing and ethical service. Look no further for all your business law and contractual matters. Words cannot express my satisfaction. No more needs to be said. Find out for yourself.

    Cesar R.
  • We hired Ms. Portalatin to help us close on the sale of our business. She is a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and very professional. The whole process was made simple and easy to understand. I will use her services again in the future.

  • Portalatin Law Firm is a top-notch law firm, working in the best interest of their clients. Their vast level of expertise covers all aspects of business law. I highly recommend them not only for their expertise but their level of responsiveness. Jessica is a true professional who always makes herself available, creating personable relationships with each client. I highly recommend this firm.

    Serina P.

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