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Can Your Firm Help With The Formation Of Any Type Of Business Entity In Southern Florida? What Are Some Examples Of Types Of Companies You Work With?

We file the application directly with the Department of State for any type of business entity formation. The most popular types of entities that are used nowadays, especially in Florida, are the limited liability companies, also known as LLCs, and corporations.

What Are The Most Important Questions I Should Be Asking When Considering What Type Of Business Entity To Form?

One of the questions that I ask my clients right away is: “Will you be the only owner?” The answer can affect what kind of protection you get if you decide to use an LLC, for example. Other questions that are important are related to what assets that entity will own, the tax implications of using this entity, the type of business you will be using this entity for, and finally, the purpose of the entity. Is it asset protection? Is it liability protection?

What Are Some Of The Pitfalls An Attorney Can Assist Me In Avoiding While Forming My Business Entity?

An attorney could help you register the business correctly and prevent you from choosing the wrong entity for you and your business. By doing so, you can minimize your personal liability and maximize your asset protection.

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