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What Does A Business Attorney Do

What Does A Business Attorney Do?

One of the most critical decisions in starting a business is selecting the appropriate business entity. The type of entity you choose – whether it’s a Limited Liability Company (LLC), S Corporation, C Corporation, or a Partnership – significantly impacts aspects like tax obligations, personal liability, and the ability to raise capital.

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Offers personal liability protection to its owners (known as members), meaning personal assets are generally protected from business debts and lawsuits.

Typically benefits from pass-through taxation where the company’s income is only taxed once on the members’ personal tax returns.

Can have one or more members, and doesn’t have restrictions on who can be a member. Management can be member-managed or manager-managed.

Provides more flexibility in terms of management and operation compared to a corporation. Fewer ongoing formalities and requirements compared to corporations.

Business Attorney at Miami - S Corporation (S CORP)

S Corporation (S Corp)

Like LLCs, S Corps offer limited liability protection to its owners.

Also uses pass-through taxation, avoiding the double taxation often associated with C Corps.

Limits on the number and type of shareholders (100 shareholders maximum, all must be U.S. citizens or residents).

Run by a board of directors and officers. Shareholders are considered employees for tax purposes. More formalities than an LLC, like holding annual meetings and keeping minutes.

C Corporation (C Corp)

Provides limited liability protection to its owners (shareholders).

Subject to double taxation, where the company’s profits are taxed, and then dividends distributed to shareholders are taxed again on their personal income tax returns.

No restrictions on the number or type of shareholders.

Managed by a board of directors elected by the shareholders. Directors oversee the major policies and decisions, while officers handle day-to-day operations. Significant formal requirements, including annual meetings, recorded minutes, and financial reports.

Business Attorney at Miami - Partnership


Two main types – General Partnerships (GP) and Limited Partnerships (LP).

In GPs, partners have unlimited personal liability for business debts. In LPs, at least one partner has limited liability, while at least one other has unlimited liability. Typically, pass-through taxation applies.

GPs involve two or more individuals who share management and profits. LPs have both general and limited partners.

Less formal than corporations but more than sole proprietorships. Partnerships should have a partnership agreement detailing roles, responsibilities, and profit-sharing.

How Do I Protect My Intellectual Property

How Do I Protect My Intellectual Property?

Intellectual property is a critical asset for any business, encompassing everything from product designs, unique services, brand names, to proprietary technologies. We provide comprehensive legal services to ensure your business’s IP is thoroughly protected.

1. Trademarks

Trademarks protect symbols, names, and slogans used to identify and distinguish your products or services.

We assist in trademark searches, registration processes, and ongoing enforcement, ensuring that your brand identity is secured and exclusive.

2. Copyrights

Copyrights protect original works of authorship, including literature, music, art, and software.

Our attorneys guide you through the process of securing copyright for your creations, managing licensing agreements, and protecting against unauthorized use.

3. Patents

Patents protect inventions, offering exclusive rights to make, use, or sell the invention for a set period.

We provide counsel on patentability, assist in preparing and filing patent applications, and represent you in any disputes or infringement cases.

4. Navigating IP Challenges and Strategies

Creating a tailored IP strategy that aligns with your business objectives and market position.

Conducting thorough audits to identify and evaluate all IP assets within your business.

Representing your interests in IP disputes, whether through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation.

5. Proactive IP Management and Enforcement

Effective IP management is not just about obtaining rights; it’s also about maintaining and enforcing them. Keeping an eye on the market to detect and address any unauthorized use of your IP.

Managing the renewal processes for trademarks and patents to ensure continued protection.

Advising on IP commercialization, including licensing agreements and IP portfolio management.

How Do I Draft A Contract?

Contracts are the backbone of business operations, laying the groundwork for clear, enforceable agreements between parties. The significance of well-drafted contracts in safeguarding your business interests and minimizing potential disputes cannot be overstated.

How Do I Draft A Contract

Tailored Contract Creation

Our attorneys excel in crafting contracts that are specifically tailored to the unique needs and circumstances of your business. This personalized approach ensures that all aspects of your business agreements are comprehensively covered.

Business Attorney at Miami - Diverse Contract TYpes

Diverse Contract Types

We handle a wide range of contract types, including but not limited to employment agreements, vendor contracts, customer agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and lease agreements.

Clarity and Precision

Clarity is key in contract writing. Our team focuses on creating contracts that are not only legally sound but also clear and understandable, avoiding ambiguities that could lead to future disputes.

Navigating Contract Negotiations

We provide strategic support during contract negotiations, ensuring that your interests are effectively represented and that the final agreement aligns with your business objectives.

Our attorneys also help identify and address potential risks in contracts, offering solutions to mitigate these risks.

Business Attorney at Miami - Contract Review and Analysis

Contract Review and Analysis

We offer thorough contract review services to ensure that agreements you enter into meet legal standards and serve your best interests. Ensuring that contracts comply with all relevant laws and regulations is a key aspect of our review process.

Business Attorney at Miami - Resolving Contract Disputes

Resolving Contract Disputes

Our proactive approach aims to prevent disputes through clear, well-drafted contracts. In cases where disputes arise, Contract Law Miami is equipped to provide effective dispute resolution services, whether through negotiation, arbitration, or litigation.

Ongoing Contract Management

The business world is dynamic, and contracts may need updates and revisions. We provide ongoing contract management services to ensure that your agreements remain current and effective.

As your business evolves, our team is available to offer ongoing legal advice and consultation on contract-related matters.

Handling Disputed Contracts and Breaches

First, we begin with an initial assessment of the dispute to understand the core issues and the contractual obligations of the involved parties. As well as a thorough analysis of the contract terms to determine the rights and responsibilities of each party.

We handle breach of contract situations, whether it involves failure to deliver a service, non-payment, violation of terms, or other contractual failures. We determine the severity of the breach and advise on appropriate legal remedies.

Strategies for Resolving Disputes

First, we begin with an initial assessment of the dispute to understand the core issues and the contractual obligations of the involved parties. As well as a thorough analysis of the contract terms to determine the rights and responsibilities of each party.

We handle breach of contract situations, whether it involves failure to deliver a service, non-payment, violation of terms, or other contractual failures. We determine the severity of the breach and advise on appropriate legal remedies.

Preventive Measures and Risk Management

Reviewing existing contracts to identify and correct any weaknesses or ambiguities that could lead to future disputes. Proactively identifying potential risks in contractual relationships and advising on strategies to mitigate these risks.

Comprehensive Legal Support

From the initial dispute to resolution, whether through settlement or court judgment, we provide representation and support. Offering ongoing advice to prevent future disputes and ensure that your contracts remain robust and enforceable.

Conflict Resolution and Workplace Law

Conflict Resolution and Workplace Law

In the business environment, conflicts, whether among employees, between management and staff, or involving external parties, can arise. These conflicts, if not properly managed, can escalate, affecting morale, productivity, and even leading to legal issues.

Employee Disputes

Handling disputes involving employees, such as disagreements over contracts, working conditions, or disciplinary actions.

Providing mediation and negotiation services to resolve issues amicably.

Harassment and Discrimination Claims

Handling of sensitive issues like harassment or discrimination within the workplace. Ensuring compliance with all federal and state anti-discrimination laws.

Workplace Policies and Compliance

Assisting in the development and implementation of workplace policies that prevent conflicts and comply with legal standards. Advising on best practices for maintaining a respectful and inclusive work environment.

Legal Representation in Disputes

If conflicts escalate to legal claims, we provide legal representation to protect your business interests; ensuring that your business adheres to all relevant employment laws and regulations to mitigate the risk of legal disputes.

Proactive Conflict Management Strategies

Offering training sessions and workshops for management and employees on conflict resolution, legal rights and responsibilities, and effective communication. As well as conducting audits to identify potential areas of conflict and advising on preventive measures.

Creating a Positive Workplace Culture

Helping businesses create a positive workplace culture that naturally reduces the occurrence of conflicts. Advising on best practices for employee relations to foster a harmonious work environment.

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What are the main roles and duties as a business attorney?

A business attorney’s main roles include advising on legal matters related to business operations, such as business formation, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, and compliance with laws.

What business structure should I select?

An attorney can help determine the most suitable business structure (like LLC, S Corp, C Corp) based on factors like liability, taxation, and management style.

How do I minimize legal risks in my business?

Minimizing risk involves creating the right entity, obtaining insurance, complying with laws, and using thorough contracts. An attorney can assess your situation and suggest ways to mitigate risks.

How do I ensure my business name complies with legal requirements?

A business attorney can assist in researching and selecting a legally compliant business name, considering state rules and trademark issues.

Is my business operating legally in terms of permits, licenses, and compliance?

Attorneys help ensure that your business complies with relevant laws, including obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

What federal and state labor laws must I comply with when hiring employees?

Business attorneys ensure compliance with laws like the Fair Labor Standards Act, anti-discrimination laws, and state-specific employment laws, advising on best practices for legal and fair employment.