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About Our Firm

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Portalatin Law Firm is a boutique law firm that helps foreign and domestic business owners expand their companies across the United States and make money off their awesome brands.

What makes us so special?  What we believe in – giving, balance, and authenticity.

Here’s what that looks like:

Giving. Our team operates with service and giving at its core.  But that’s easy just to say.  One way we live it out, and engage you in the process with us, is by donating 100% of consultation fees to a local non-profit organization working to eliminate the abandonment of newborn infants.

Authenticity. We want to abolish traditional stereotypes of the law firm experience. No “fake it to you make” or stuffy suits. Our team is hard-working, professional, and UNIQUE.  They are hired for who they are as much as what they can do.  

Balance. To be our best selves, we NEED rest. Tired and burnt-out people are irritable, unmotivated, and generally make more mistakes. We work to bring balance (and maybe even splash of joy) back to your business and life, and we encourage our staff to recharge on the weekends so that they can provide our clients with the best versions of themselves.