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What Are Some Of The Basic Requirements For A Valid Contract?

In general, a contract should contain an offer, the acceptance of that offer by the other party, consideration (which is more of a legal term), contract terms that are not illegal, and capacity by the parties to enter into the contract.

Do All Contracts Need To Be In Writing In Order To Be Valid Or Legal?

There are certain contracts that are required to be in writing; however, oral agreements are generally enforceable.

When Is A Contract Unenforceable?

There are many different scenarios where a contract would be found to be unenforceable. One example involves the signing party not having the capacity to enter into a contract, which could be the case because the party is not of legal age or not sound of mind. Another situation would be that the terms of the agreement are illegal. If the terms of the agreement are to sell illegal drugs, for example, you cannot ask the court to have that enforced. Another situation would be where there is no consideration between the parties.

How Can A Contract Be Breached? What Are Some Examples?

Breaches are different for each contract, but the general idea of breaching a contract is that one of the parties is not fulfilling an obligation in the terms of the contract. It could be that they are doing something that they are not supposed to be doing (action) or that they are not doing something that they are supposed to be doing (inaction). An example of an action breach in a non-compete agreement could be engaging in an activity that is competitive with the company in the non-compete. An inaction breach could be a manager failing to file the taxes of the company they are responsible for.

Should I Always Have An Experienced Attorney Draft And Review Any Contracts I Need?

An experienced attorney can help you understand what is in a contract, but also can advise you on what is missing from the contract that would be necessary to protect your interests. Having someone that does not have contract experience draft or review your contracts could be detrimental to you and your business, and may be costlier for you in the long run.

Vast Experience To Meet Your Needs

Portalatin Law firm is a firm serving the Miami, Florida, and greater Miami-Dade County area. For years, we have delivered professional services and insights to families, business owners, and individuals as they navigate moments in their lives that intersect with the legal process.

Our contract services are geared to make the confusing world of binding agreements painless and easy. Instead of struggling to draft a strong contract while attending to the many other areas of your life or business, you can put the matter into the hands of a capable contracts management attorney at Portalatin Law firm.

When Do You Need A Miami Contracts Lawyer?

If you are in the process of drafting or signing any contract, it’s always beneficial to have the document evaluated by an attorney experienced in legal agreements. By choosing to work with a seasoned expert, you can avoid the common pitfalls that leave you and your business vulnerable to legal action or breach.Breaches and litigation of contracts are time-consuming and expensive – but you can prevent the waste of your time and resources by investing in a solid legal foundation. With the help of a contract law attorney from Portalatin Law Firm, you can be secure in your decisions and rely on the legal protection that is only provided by a clear and comprehensive contract.

Our services include support for those looking to draft, evaluate, and execute contracts like:

  • Partnership Agreements
  • Corporate By-Laws
  • Employee Contracts
  • Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Consulting Agreements
  • Loan Agreements
  • Power of Attorney
  • And More…

Is Your Contract Unenforceable?

If your contract is unenforceable, it means that you are not able to pursue legal action that pertains to a breach of obligations under the agreement.

Why are unenforceable contracts “dead in the water”? Because the law recognizes that for a contract to be binding, it must first meet a number of legal requirements. If the contract does not meet these requirements, it is not recognized as a valid contract under the law.

There are many different scenarios in which a contract would be unenforceable, including:

  • Lack of Capacity (Due to age or soundness of mind)
  • The Contract Contains Illegal Acts, Substances, or Materials
  • Lack of Consideration
  • And More…

An unenforceable contract can have catastrophic consequences to your business or personal finances. But by working with an attorney from Portalatin Law Firm, you can execute your agreements and transactions with ease.

What Are The Basic Requirements Of A Legal Contract?

A contract is an agreement between two parties that creates mutual obligations enforceable by law. For a contract to be considered valid and, therefore, subject to a lawsuit, it must include the following traits:

  • An expression of a valid offer and a valid acceptance of terms and conditions,
  • Adequate Consideration,
  • Capacity, and
  • Legality.

Because each of these aspects is vital to the enforceability and strength of a contract, it’s critical to be familiar with these terms and the legal implications they have. Trying to become an expert on contract law can be confusing and stressful. Luckily, a contracts lawyer from Portalatin Law Firm is here to help.

Our team of legal contracts and documents lawyers are skilled professionals, ready to draft and help you in the execution of all your legal transactions. With our expertise on your side, you can be confident that you’re moving forward in the best position legally available to you.

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